terms and conditions

1. Any manner of payment before the commencement of work is an act of Agreement between the service provider (Phaahleng buildtech pty ltd) and the Client to the below-stipulated Terms. Please note that These terms only apply to architectural design services.

2.   Before any commencement of work, A minimum of 30% of the quoted price is required and then the remaining will be invoiced upon completion of work.

If Municipal Approval is required as part of the package, Please note that a 30% commitment fee is required, and then followed by another 30% to initiate the municipal approval process, Once all is completed, the remaining 40% is due once the project is completed.

An alternative agreement that voids the above terms can be reached, Which must be in writing.

3.   No work will be produced for the client unless the remaining amount is paid into the account. only watermarked drawings, images and Video Samples will be shown to you only as an indication of completed work.

4.  No work will be produced for the client unless the remaining amount is paid into the account. Only watermarked drawings, images and Video Samples will be shown to you as an indication of completed work.

5.   For plan resales, the drawings will be sold as is with no changes, except for your details (name, location, date, revision number). Should any changes be required, the project will be treated as a new project and charged accordingly.

6.   The quoted price is not the final price. The amount of the project is not fixed and is subject to changes due to any alterations that are to be made during the project.

We charge per metered squared and also per
service, The Price could decrease or increase by the following conditions.

• Area (removal or addition of rooms/space).
• Overall Design.
• Addition or Removal of Other services.

Changes in prices are only applicable if the changes are from the client, no changes will be made by the service provider without the approval or consent of the client, and changes made by the services provider incur no cost.

7.   The difference in change of price will be subtracted or added from the remaining invoiced amount.

8.   The services provided and the work produced remain as the I.P. of the services provider. The client only has full ownership of the technical drawings. Other media files will be used as seen as fit by the service provider. 

9.   If payment terms are fully met, it is seen as an acceptance of the work produced. Any work that needs to be done beyond this point will be charged according to the pricing list.

10.  The client agrees that any extra fees that are from outside of the company Phaahleng BuildTech services, or not included in the quotation, will be settled by the client. This May Include but not limited to:
• Municipal Fees, such as acquiring water and electricity connection Approval Fees, and retrieving of old/existing floor plans.      
•  Municipal Charges.
• Other Professional services such as Land Surveyor, Town Planner, Quantity Surveyor and Engineer.

The Company, Phaahleng BuildTech may suggest service providers but the client will be liable for their compensation of services.

11.  We are offering an obligation-free quotation, also the client is free to cancel any time they see fit, however, the following conditions apply.
• If the client chooses to terminate the work after the deposit has been paid, the forfeit the money paid.

12.  These above terms will cease to exist by the following conditions:

•  The sees fit to terminate the contract at any stage of the project
• The final work has been accepted by the client and has been delivered.

13. Callout fees are only applicable for distances exceeding a 50-kilometre radius from the business's registered address. And Charged Every Additional 50kms. Callout fees are charge at R9.00 Per KM. Callout fees apply for all distances if As-Built and plan redraws are requested.

14. By Requesting a Draft and a Quote From Phaahleng BuildTech (PTY) Ltd, You hereby give consent that your personal information be retained by Phaahleng BuildTech (PTY) Ltd database for further email campaigns, SMS campaigns and email marketing. The information can be deleted from the database upon request.